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Laser damage to our eyes

Light pollution, light pollution has become an emerging question in our days. On the day of the state social environment we were eight strange seven years every kind of La just like the light of question is not in doubt, but the question is now today emerge in an endless stream of light to let most people today and working days. In our laser protective glasses looks like we now most people did not actually correct understanding about light question understanding, and we also of laser protective glasses there is misunderstanding, we not only can protect the laser mirror laser, which is facing another question still has very strong light protection ability.
The wavelength of the laser is not the same as the degree of eyeball effect, the results are not the same. The eyes of the far infrared laser hazards mainly in cornea, this is because the laser wavelength was full of corneal absorption, so the primary cause of corneal injury, keratitis and conjunctivitis, patients feel pain like eyes, foreign influence, photophobia, tears, eyes filled with blood, decreased visual acuity. Onset of far infrared damage should be covered to protect the injured eye, to avoid infection, symptomatic treatment. UV laser damage mechanism is mainly the cornea and lens, UV laser is fully absorbed by the band eye lens, COSCO to corneal absorption, which can cause lens and corneal opacity.
The laser is a rare light source in our days, but it has a great influence on our days. Not only is it good or bad. We should focus on the changes in the light of the light in the day of the scene, in a timely manner to deal with these endless questions. We expect to have a correct understanding of the laser, do a good job to prevent the protection of a laser damage is dead.




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