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Please pay attention to the use of laser glasses

The use of diversified types of data using is very important in our life, so we should understand that the original many time we are not really clear about these diverse material characteristics, more important is to face these diversified use of the information, we must not the most strange is the laser, the laser the physical plant changed our life to a great extent, but in our opinion this is the material of laser protective glasses has brought us a lot of damage!
Laser is a principle of the use of optics, but how to be able to become a general laser light from the laser protective glasses to inform you that you have to understand the principle of atomic luminescence. An atom from the high-energy reduction at low energy band, will emit a photon, called spontaneous emission. Atomic by a photon impinging on the high level, will be stimulated and release another photon of the same, become two photons, called stimulated emission. If the stimulated emission process continues to occur, a photon is made will be more and more. As long as we put the atomic number control with high level in the number of atoms is higher than that of low order, then the stimulated emission process will continue to occur, the manipulation of atom stimulated light equipment we called it "optical amplifier".
In the days of the original laser is ignored but very important, we bear the brunt of the doubt is harm when we use laser material type can not be ignored when the laser material has given us. Laser is the most important and most common in our day, we can not face a single laser.




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