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Want to choose the laser glasses please note

Life has never been short of ideas, but not many unique material shortage of research and application, so we should understand clearly that we never stop in the day about the diversification of material use. In our laser protective glasses looks like we are not unfamiliar with the characteristics of the needle must be about laser applications, practice days to a great extent to help us deal with laser very much doubt, redefined many traditional inefficient operation. Laser is really a good thing, but we have to understand that it is precisely because of the laser we have also formed a lot of damage to the environment itself.
First, it is concluded that the choice of grade laser protective glasses. Laser protective goggles are generally divided into two categories of imports and domestic. In accordance with the certification can be divided into CE (CECerti? ED) and no certification of goods, in accordance with the level of protection can be divided into OD1+ to OD7+ and other levels, can refer to the details of the laser protective glasses safety level and specification. On most use, we recommend using CE certified products, and introduced the selection of the highest level of protection OD7+ goods. Of course, we also need to see more about the protection level parameters for some ultrafast lasers, such as FS lasers.
Two, according to the operating conditions, the laser protection of the visible light transmittance requirements. Because the laser protective mirror has a good protective effect on the laser, it can also block some visible light. Most users expect to achieve a higher visible light transmittance, such as VLT 50%, so it is easy to direct investigation of laser experimental fantasy or laser machining process, without the need for other auxiliary light source; a few users request the lower visible light transmittance, such as visible light is too strong in some occasions, the 50% types of transmission, referral and 30%, with the best effect to protect eyes.
Lasers are now the most widely used and most widely used element in our days. We can use the laser material in the day is not just a simple easy, laser may in many people's heard are relatively simple and safe use, the practice is not the case, if we are in the process of using laser material presents questions that will be very simple for our own formation damage the damage, and this damage is still the laser material to form irreversible, once we have laser damage, almost can not be restored.



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