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How important it is to fit the laser glasses

The eyes are from, as long as we two, please treat it, in different industries, the laser protective goggles played a protective eye the most critical step, it can help us to prevent damage to the eyes of the laser in the application process, reduce the damage to the eyes, let more laser protective glasses get more homework to help more people no longer affected by the laser, so in this small series recommended we use our laser protective glasses, quality reliable centering has become we have recognized a protective glasses little helper. There are many types of laser protective goggles, the information is not the same, different principles, applications are not the same.
Therefore, in order to provide useful protection to the laser, the laser goggles must be selected reasonably according to the detailed requirements. Choose the door mirror, the maximum laser output power of the primary basis (or energy), beam diameter, laser pulse time parameters determine the maximum output irradiance or maximum exposure. Then, according to the maximum amount of the corresponding wavelength and light irradiation to time (eye shine limit) concluded that glasses the minimum optical density value, and then select the appropriate protective glasses.
The detailed conditions of selection are:
1, the maximum amount of radiation Hmax (J/m2) Emax (W/m2) or the maximum irradiance;
2, specific protection wavelength;
In 3, the optical density value of Dmin to the corresponding protective wavelength;
4, the protective lens non-uniformity, asymmetry, the effect of the incident light point of view;
5, the ability to resist laser radiation;
6, visible light transmittance;
7, structure and shape.
Laser protective glasses, laser glasses, laser glasses, laser protection, protective glasses, laser protective glasses used in different occasions are not the same, so not only is in use, more is to choose in the selection of qualified standard, so please use the centering of our products, not only in the wear to beautiful together, in the use of more protection for the eyes made out of endless dedication, suitable protective glasses will become our preferred.
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