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Choose the right laser glasses pay attention to what problem

Laser protective glasses are safety protection of eyes is assured, not the same industry in the application also has a different effect, let's clear understanding of laser protective glasses, we should have a new idea in the selection, to understand the characteristics of laser protective glasses, timely to pick the commodity users make function introduction.
Absorbent dye encapsulated in hard polycarbonate lens (not brittle) appearance scratch does not reduce the optical density of the lens, the laser radiation protection of laser protective glasses has a variety of structure styles of optional LG series laser safety glasses supply CE certification. Frame design comfortable, can be worn outside the general glasses, and the top and side surface shielding, maintain user eyes without peripheral laser radiation. LG series of laser protective glasses with an internal scale of 145 mm x53 mm, lens legs long 140 mm. The diagonal length of the lens is 68 mm. Each pair of laser safety glasses is provided with a maintenance storage box, a neck strap and a cleaning cloth.
Xiao Bian to provide three different structures of laser protective goggles (see the structure type label for details). A general structure (except LG11) and myopia joint deployment application, and can be useful to avoid the formation of laser radiation from other eyes near the surface and the top light. Comfort and structure can be placed detachable lenses (please contact your doctor for custom lenses), but also rich in a nose pad, suitable for people with low nose. Sports plan into a close to the face of the structure, providing a full range of laser protection. Glasses maintenance, should not be used when the laser safety glasses in the maintenance box, the temperature should not exceed 80 degrees F (26.6 degrees C). Laser safety glasses can be cleaned with 91% isopropyl alcohol, swab swab. Select the appropriate laser protective glasses because of the accurate selection of laser safety glasses depends on many factors can not be long-distance evaluation, which includes light, laser parameters, laboratory environment.
Manufacturing standards of laser protective glasses are certified, so when in the selection of all problems using laser protective glasses we can assist you in work, time for your eyes to escort. To provide you with a full range of laser protection, for your application to recommend specific glasses to provide you with efficient service to meet. We recommend that the laser security personnel in your organization to discuss what kind of laser protective glasses.





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