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What is the price of laser protective glasses?

Laser protective eyewear is what is a laser protective glasses? In short, the laser protective goggles that is to prevent or reduce the damage to the eye of a special laser glasses. Laser is an efficient safety goggles, suitable for a variety of lasers, laser pen, a series of optical safety glasses wearing comfortable and beautiful, safe and reliable. The optical security features thoroughly satisfied GJB1762-93 laser safety glasses, reflective absorption type, all-round protection of specific band laser and light. For a variety of laser equipment. The visible light transmittance reaches above 70%. The optical density is above 5. The following day the high-grade LOHO glasses optometrist for your detailed analysis of laser function and laser protective glasses offer answer.
The laser protective glasses offer a wide range of applications in the fields of military, industry, medical treatment and so on. But it is precisely these characteristics of the laser also pose a great threat to the human body. The eyes are the most sensitive to human organs because of the focusing effect of laser, eye light can make the retina energy density increased 105 times, so the low dose can cause severe damage on the retina resulting in reduced vision and even blindness. But with the laser technology is widely used in military and civilian areas, laser protection skills more and more by people's attention, how to carry out laser protection useful, you become extremely concerned about the issue of the corresponding to laser protection standard. General laser protective glasses for the crowd: first laser operators, computer operator, driver, gas welder, electric welder, high temperature furnace operating personnel, medical or industrial personnel to operate the X- light perspective. According to the primary function of laser protective glasses for protection against UV laser, excimer laser, Nd: glass laser, semiconductor laser, CO laser, Nd: YAG laser, ruby laser, CO2 laser, laser GaAs laser etc.. And in the selection of laser protective glasses, according to your own wavelength selection.
Quote from the protection principle of laser protective glasses, laser protective materials can be divided into three categories: one is based on the now laser protection principle of linear optical absorption type, it contains the reflection type and absorption reflection type; two is based on the principle of laser protection of nonlinear optics, it mainly uses the three order nonlinear optical effects, including nonlinear absorption, nonlinear refraction, nonlinear scattering and nonlinear reflection; the three is based on the principle of laser protection transformation. Now China's use of force for laser safety standard has: CJB-2408-95 laser protective glasses protection function test way protection GJB-1762-93 laser protective glasses health request JB/T there are many types of 5524-91 laboratory safety rules of laser laser goggles, the materials used are not the same, the principle of different applications are not the same.
Laser protective glasses offer, therefore, to provide useful protection to the laser, must be in accordance with the requirements of the detailed use of laser goggles for reasonable selection. Choose the door mirror, the maximum laser output power of the primary basis (or energy), beam diameter, laser pulse time parameters determine the maximum output irradiance or maximum exposure. Then, according to the maximum allowable exposure time (corresponding wavelength and shining eyes shine limits) concluded that glasses the minimum optical density value, and select suitable protective glasses.
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