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What are the characteristics of laser

Lasers are everywhere, and it is because of the many different kinds of light that make our days colorful and beautiful. We now know the day we enjoy even in the light, we enjoy the light to all aspects of the same light but also bring us serious damage. In our laser protective glasses, we look at the light pollution is the most serious damage to the light of the laser, because the laser is not the light, if we do not pay attention to the formation of a very simple can not save the damage.
The human eye is exposed to the laser will be damaged, laser damage to the user's eyes depends on the wavelength and output power of the laser (remember to wear laser protective glasses):
1, visible light (400 ~ 700nm) and near infrared (~ 700 ~ 1400nm) light beam can be focused on the retina through the pupil, so as to the retina, optic nerve and the base of the eyes of the formation of some of the hazards of reversal. Usually, the wavelength range between 400 ~ 700nm (light purple and red light) will not damage to the human eye, unfortunately, near the 1400nm wavelength light can penetrate the eyes, has brought a great threat to the retina and optic nerve
2, non near-infrared wavelengths of light will not give the eyes of the external injury, ultraviolet radiation (180 ~ 400nm) will damage the cornea and the lens, infrared radiation (IR-B, 1400 ~ 3000Nm) can penetrate the eyes the appearance of cataract formation, far infrared light (IR-C, 3000Nm ~ 1mm) can damage the eyes of the outside appearance or cornea.
Laser damage is a kind of situation can not be ignored in our life, we should be positive to find to understand characteristics of laser, laser undeniable in our days there is great help, can help us a lot of manpower and no end of homework, but at the same time the laser light is also easy to be able to blow up our I hope we can pay attention to laser damage, wear protective glasses, timely laser, laser damage not rehabilitation.
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