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Our country is in 7 kilometre class is deep-sea explore ultr

 Recently, dalian of Chinese Academy of Sciences changes content place the researcher of flood of Li Can academician, model peak, Huang Baokun's senior engineer 7 kilometre that participate in research and development class is deep-sea former explore ultraviolet IPL safety glasses is pulled graceful spectrometer is in Maliyana trench succeeds. This spectrometer is undertake first on international deep-sea those who explore is ultraviolet IPL safety glasses is pulled graceful spectrometer, also created Lamanguang chart appearance is highest and deep-sea exploration record (7449 meters of) . The research and development of the instrument is based on Li Can group to be in ultraviolet the experience of research and development with chart old appearance and learning accumulate Lamanguang (national science is second-class award, 2011, national technology invents second-class award, 1997) , heightened exploration sensitivity further, solved convention to pull graceful spectrum to suffer ocean easily especially microbial and the defect of organic qualitative fluorescent interference. This research group adopts scientific design, relapse test and verify, use a series of technologies such as fiber-optic flexible connection and fold illuminator, coaxial illuminator, what successful research and development satisfies deep-sea extreme condition to apply is ultraviolet play graceful spectrum instrument.
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