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Fiber-optic Laser safety goggle of 10kW of British head stag

 According to foreign media coverage, british metal shapes expert Accurate Laser Cutting announces to be fiber-optic Laser safety goggle of 10kW of British head stage to invest capital 700 thousand euro. By right of its breathtaking processing speed and new improvement handle ability, system of cut of this 10kW Bystronic ByStar is Laser safety goggle cut set new fiducial, also be Accurate company the 2nd when fiber-optic to Bystronic inside 18 months Laser safety goggle undertakes major investment. This are high-powered equipment can the material such as the copper of the brass of the mild steel of the aluminium that cut ply amounts to 30mm and stainless steel, 25mm, 15mm and 12mm. In addition the mild steel that it still can process ply to amount to 15mm, apply to those need not to have the user of oxidation brim component. This newest investment replaced Accurate company completely to be in the equipment of carbon dioxide cut of its production factory: Equipment of new Laser safety goggle cut deployed two the most advanced Bystronic fiber-optic Laser safety goggle - system of a 6kW BySprint 4*2m and the system of 10kW ByStar 3*1.5m that newest investment produces.
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