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Stanford upgrades brightness of source of Laser safety eyewe

If you think Stanford university uses super and bright X ray Laser safety eyewear to study atomic world special cruel, so you can are opposite for certain their newest research and development is interested. Stanford and its partner has begun to consider to upgrade the II(LCLS-II) of illuminant of linear accelerator be concerned with of edition, its the 2nd class stimulates beam of light will 10000 times brighter than the first class, rate is 8000 times rapidder —— is million pulse about every second. This upgrades edition Laser safety eyewear cools need extremely (- 456 degree Fahrenheit) , the antrum of superconductor accelerator resonance that is based on niobium, latter can come true not to have losing electric conduction almost. Under photograph comparing, first Laser safety eyewear with relatively slow rate, it is every second about 120 pulse, cross the cupreous conductor of room temperature. Laser of ray of the first bundle of X can not disappear, the union of these two bundles of Laser safety eyewear will cover wider energy range, help scientists study extremely extremely small, quick procedure, before this these processes cannot be recorded, perhaps need long time to undertake an analysis. Newest Laser safety eyewear will bring about stimulative electronics, energy and the new discovery that medicine develops. The biggest challenge awaits this one equipment namely upgrade, this wants the earliest when just may come true 2020.
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