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G ü Nther Braun: ひ guides す Liao Muxia needs の wriggles

Recently, president of former Rofin-Sinar company Mr Günther Braun machined prospective foreground to express his view to industrial Laser safety goggle material. He expresses: “ future is long in, new Laser safety goggle technology and rising market will drive Laser safety goggle industry to machine application to maintain growth of tall digit scale. Subsequently he also is opposite ” this viewpoint undertook detailed explanation and analysis. When material of Laser safety goggle of industry of refer whole world machines market condition, overall and character carries average growth state all the time. But what are the premise condition that maintains growth of tall digit scale or basis? Look around global market participator, as a result of all sorts of reasons, industrial application gets attention fully all the time. Every participator of industrial Laser safety goggle domain has his market fixed position and characteristic range of products. But the reason as a result of technology and commerce, still cannot cover all application aspect. So what is the key that gains the market? Of Laser safety goggle company grow the diversification that cannot leave Laser safety goggle technology! Review Laser safety goggle company to develop course, advocate if the target is promotion,Laser safety goggle outputs power, this phenomenon exists in many domains, for example CO2, solid, diode, include fiber-optic Laser safety goggle field even. But, output the promotion of power and can not extend potential market or use a field. Accordingly, Laser safety goggle company needs from arteries and veins wide or function of Laser safety goggle of wavelengh respect promotion uses requirement with satisfying. A lot of Laser safety goggle companies already elevated the status that machines the market in Laser safety goggle material through extending technology or product combination. But is their market what or where be? Laser of Günther Braun   or the market opportunity with short pulse very great Laser safety goggle reach semiconductor application in consumptive electron, include brittleness material treatment, for example pottery and porcelain, sapphirine, glass, aggregate material is waited a moment. Wait for a reason as a result of the miniaturization of component, portable sex or accurate data, consume electronic application to need different Laser safety goggle technology. Domain of medical apparatus and instruments also is Laser safety goggle future important way, include embedded content and instrument field, main reason is Laser safety goggle technology can satisfy domain of medical apparatus and instruments of high quality requirement, generation residual little, can clear freely material is residual. In the meantime, green technology for example the perfect application case that solar battery or accumulator product also are industrial Laser safety goggle. So far, onefold without a kind technology can cover the industrial application of a glazed chart, can combine implementation through different Laser safety goggle technology only, also was not proved even fiber-optic Laser safety goggle to be general tool even. Another crucial factor is Asian market. You can discover sale status of different zone of comparative Laser safety goggle company, the Asia held year of sale of 40-50% . Asia especially China, it is the market with incremental ratio the biggest exemple. Considering Chinese GDP circumstance, china will still create very good market opportunity for industrial Laser safety goggle. Japanese market is held basically by company of native land Laser safety goggle, but the Laser safety goggle product that if can provide local company place,cannot offer, still create extraordinary sale status likely. Area of Singapore, Taiwan and Korea are the staple market that consumes electron or semiconductor application, but Laser safety goggle company also should have been done answer these industries periodic industrial influence, but the demand of Laser safety goggle still very big. Chinese Laser safety goggle company drew lessons from western Laser safety goggle technology more or less in developing a process. Profit from the homecoming of large quantities of Laser safety goggle talents, chinese Laser safety goggle industry gets further progress. The key that western Laser safety goggle company wants to succeed is mainland is changed. Accordingly, international Laser safety goggle company can achieve more order and sale, this also is meant whether pervade Asian market successfully crucial. However, appear on the market Laser safety goggle company is like relevant, big a group of things with common features wave of Laser safety goggle, IPG, manage or Luo Fen, and demesne is the enterprise connected fast whether can you hold Laser safety goggle material to machine the market first machine? What mention before no less than, every Laser safety goggle company is having his history or DNA. But, their good luck is finite technology and range of products. Accordingly, the market is permeated and good client relationship is weighed particularly should. To company of be concerned with, main focusing machines microelectronics domain at industrial Laser safety goggle material, it is this market representative enterprise. Besides combination of perfect CO2 Laser safety goggle product, another large dominant position of company of be concerned with is his —— applies to permit application of molecular Laser safety goggle anneal in the killer level that consumes electron and semiconductor domain. Big a group of things with common features Laser safety goggle basically regards a tool as Laser safety goggle compositive in the system to oneself. He is one of enterprises of Chinese market dominant, development foreground is very good. But big a group of things with common features fixed position of Laser safety goggle future part depends on its are abroad extended capacity. IPG Photonics is the lead business of fiber-optic Laser safety goggle domain, already became the pronoun of fiber-optic Laser safety goggle. In industrial data treatment application domain has clear strategy, extend combination of fiber-optic Laser safety goggle product through different pulse and wavelengh, in order to gain tremendous market opportunity. Newport basically offers the domain solution such as scientific research, life and healthy science, in industrial data treatment domain also is acting important role. Accordingly, its product combination suffers be confined to to have a technology to be in industrial Laser safety goggle respect. Rofin has extensive technology and product combination base, enclothe place of industrial Laser safety goggle market to have fundamental application. Be based on global sale and service network, rofin is the participator with industrial Laser safety goggle main field. This company in high power fiber-optic Laser safety goggle domain has very good market opportunity. TRUMPF is the biggest client it is group of its interior system, have extensive technology and product base, footmark of its whole world makes its become the crucial participator of this domain. The company that mentions above summary, built oneself market fixed position. But I think, TRUMPF, IPG and Rofin future have greater market opportunity!
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