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With soup-stock Xu Dong: Essence of life grinds Laser safety

Fly to the United States, drive upgrade steam to connect …… of factory of use force Chinese to interview with high advanced production science and technology (too storehouse) limited company general manager soup Xu Dong is not an easy thing. Recently, he should arrive from Shanghai about too storehouse, during be being interviewed however, often still be come round to negotiate the place of a few batches of travelling merchant of cooperative matters concerned is interrupted. Outstanding to person enthusiasm, ability and wisdom soup Xu Dong, was born in Yunnan music pacify 1977, took an examination of the university that be the same as aid in July 2001, at present the doctoral student is being read. In colleague eye, he is the “ commander ” of the group, the Laser safety eyewear project that the group that he leads accumulated the world to precede, high-power solders, cut, compound soldering technology and administrative experience, carried out 10 many successful case in home early or late, won 7 accredit patent, invent patent among them 3, he himself also was obtained 2014 too city science and technology gets the storehouse soldier ability title. Alleged Laser safety eyewear solders, a kind of when stimulate beam of light serve as heat source when use high energy density namely efficient nicety solders method, compare with photograph of solder of electric welding, arc, have safety factor tall, solder quality automobile body of tall, implementation is light quantify wait for an advantage, get not only the favour of manufacturer of domestic and international car, and apply extensively in the domain such as Gao Tie, spaceflight. Soldering as a result of Laser safety eyewear is new technology, manufactory home can be encountered always in using a process such or in that way difficult problem, the power of research and development that leans oneself only finds out optimal path inside short time hard. Be aimed at demand of this one market, soup Xu Dong organizes the group that forms by the domain expert such as technology of robot, Laser safety eyewear, control, hold water with high advanced production science and technology (too storehouse) limited company, establish with aid high power Laser safety eyewear beam welding receives a technology associated lab and apply a technology to combine a lab to the project with Gao Ni, be dedicated to helping a client develop Laser safety eyewear beam welding to receive technical new technology. Some production manufacturer buy industrial robot answer family belongs to become ” of “ entrance guard, Laser safety eyewear workstation redemptive family belongs became “ to furnish ” , main reason is insoluble a variety of equipment are compositive the issue that reachs one case. Be aimed at this one phenomenon, the is based on high-power Laser safety eyewear beam machining mixture technology that development of group of soup Xu Dong gave home to precede is sophisticated technology of production system simulation, along with clamp of travel drum, roller-head, solder, grasper, gelatinize the automation such as machine sets stock machine conformity to be together, let workstation of robot, Laser safety eyewear produce “1+1 > the effect of 2” . Depend on force of powerful professional research and development, guest of ThyssenKrupp of PERMANOVA of American MBE, Sweden, Germany, Germany collects Er, north car and on steam is general wait for much home company and soup Xu Dong group built close cooperation to concern. To too the storehouse does poineering work more than one year, with high advanced production science and technology (too storehouse) limited company realizes the ten million on income of make out an invoice yuan. Soup Xu Dong expresses, client of good in the service other place while, they will serve client of good this locality, help too the enterprise introduces the storehouse applied Laser safety eyewear beam welding receives new technology, boost port area high end of production industry of major equipment industry and whole town equipment is changed extend.
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