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The fiber-optic Laser safety goggle cut that is based on spe

Whitney company often answer the client's need, the fiber-optic Laser safety goggle cut that has new material or special stuff detects with evaluate, the zine plate that uses in course of study of the magnetic data that in ending to had reached stainless steel, rotor to the aluminium that uses in aerospace industry at present, uses, floor and a lot of other data had a test. Compare with photograph of blame hot-working craft, fiber-optic Laser safety goggle in cut the advantage when afore-mentioned material is mixed challenge, and what does the advantage when than be in with CO2 Laser safety goggle photograph cut turns over material high have? You will harvest the answer in the article. Client regular meeting is taking them to be made in equipment of aerospace, storage, the disparate industry such as building and construction, traffic and part are special and custom-built in the special data that need uses finds Whitney to have a test. Although these material never had used fiber-optic Laser safety goggle to have cut, the client still expects fiber-optic Laser safety goggle can surpass the technology that they use at present. The near future of Whitney of success application   of spacer tested material of a kind of lamination, with the spacer that uses at making aerospace industry place, the base material of this material is 0.762 Mm, facing pressed the lamination material of a few 0.076 Mm on, the total ply of spacer is 1.524 Mm. Whitney had a test to stainless steel material and aluminous material spacer. The precision that “ asks to make the ply of spacer is achieved, the client still may need to come off 9 lamination material, make spacer can cooperate accurately to install dimensional ” , sale of Whitney whole world and Dale Bartholomew of product assistant director express. Spacer is machining production previously. The problem of “ machining is speed too slow. ”Bartholomew says: “ and machining can make partial lamination layer is destroyed very easily, for example most above a meeting flakes. “ because this, a variety of issues that cost issue and machining production spacer bring force a client to seek better means of settlement, for example tries to have cut with fiber-optic Laser safety goggle. Whitney of ”     checks cut above all small print in order to decide cut parameter, the cut that had actual part next checks. Had a test through using a variety of methods, also include to part from lamination layer front and the reverse side which kinds of means when cut can achieve better cut result. “ wants to set parameter accurately namely additionally, already ensured won't solder cut brim together, this is the ” that special attention wants when cut thin plate, bartholomew expresses. “ if cut brim is together by solder, you cannot come off lamination layer. ”   is opposite through all sorts of different parameter a large number of appearance have a test, from cut of lamination layer face, rear cut, different cut speed, affirm fiber-optic Laser safety goggle is avoiding to solder finally cut has to spacer below cut brim and the circumstance that destroy lamination layer. This kind of circumstance issues “ , our cut speed, from cut of the reverse side of aluminous qualitative spacer, can achieve 22.86 M/min, to cut of stainless steel spacer when, speed can achieve 3.048 M/min” , bartholomew say. Although Whitney had proved fiber-optic Laser safety goggle is OK cut spacer, but aerospace industry him client must have a few tests. Function of exhaustion of “ their concern, ”Bartholomew say, “ because these material normally need not typical hot-working cut, whether does the hot influence in must testing cut technology raise the possibility of breakdown. The mechanical technology that uses normally apparently won't produce hot effect. ”   so, does when cut weak sheet expects, fiber-optic Laser safety goggle beam cutting machine need how to be done? What actually you need to do is how to join Laser safety goggle light beam transmits a system. Bartholomew expresses: Length of the diameter of beam of light with different “ , collimation, lens and focal length combination can affect beam of light together the action to material. Adjust good parameter ability to apply correctly. All ”   elements can produce integrated effect, he complements, the parameter that “ fits some kind of stuff is in probably cut undertakes adjustment with respect to need when another kind of material. To chip material, power and focusing lens are the mainest factor. Near future of Whitney of   of ”   magnetic material just finished another kind of material of the test, it is the magnetic stainless steel in the layer shape metal that is used at making electric machinery and engine rotor. The spare parts has complex appearance, material ply is only 0.0635 Mm, have very firm demand to tolerance. Each of cut must accurate ground is same, be in two according to the demand of manufacturer again next between put other data. The spare parts uses punch and become, need exact pattern. “ client is seeking technology of cut of a kind of small lot. ”Bartholomew says, “ because the mould of punch may very costly, so they hope to be able to find a kind not to need too fast, but the means with operation lower cost. ”   is adjusted through the parameter of fiber-optic to the standard Laser safety goggle, whitney had cut successfully to magnetic material, speed can amount to 10.16 M/min. Adjustment parameter includes power, speed and focal length. Auxiliary gas pressure and nozzle type also were undertaken optimizing, in order to acquires the rapiddest cut rate and the cleanest cut technology. The challenge of fiber-optic Laser safety goggle cut does not depend on cut itself, and depend on applying. The magnetism of “ material itself cannot be changed, ”Bartholomew say, because “ will change stainless steel then piece the interaction that follows motor and magnetic field. Same, the hot input of surface of the material when treatment will affect the structure of material, affect magnetism then. ” client is checking its function to decide whether cut of consumed fine Laser safety goggle is feasible. Shape the 3rd kind of stuff that near future of floor   Whitney has fiber-optic Laser safety goggle checks is pure zine plate. Ask the client of the test makes line draw a frame round with pure zine plate, fixed ceramic tile is used when floor of the decorative pattern that make. Section ply is 6.35 Mm, width is 3.175 Mm, have complex figure. Whitney company undertook to be being used at making the pure zine plate of the frame of decorative pattern floor tile fiber-optic Laser safety goggle cut checks recently. Zine plate ply is 0.25 Mm, width is 0.125 Mm, have complex figure. Connect regular meeting to cut secant casing with water knife, but this kind of craft is slower, about 0.3556m/min. And when zine plate of cut of Laser safety goggle of Whitney consumed fine, speed can achieve 10.16 M/min. The possibility of cut composite material a kind of client asks but what Whitney has not undertake checking is a kind of metal and plastic compound lamination material. We return “ to will surely not deny successful cut truly, ”Bartholomew says. “ metal part does not have a problem, but the plastic layer that we do not place between the metal certainly. Laser light beam is crossed directly likely, however plastic need recruits talent of beam of light by cut. ” is plastic kind do not use fiber-optic Laser safety goggle normally, his respecting. “ stems from same reason, the wavelengh limits of fiber-optic Laser safety goggle suits to process metallic data particularly, suit plastic He Yake not quite however force. The wavelengh as it happens of CO2 Laser safety goggle is OK by plastic absorb, so its are in the effect when treatment is plastic is very good. This is one of distinction of fiber-optic Laser safety goggle and CO2 Laser safety goggle. But fiber-optic Laser safety goggle also is not the possibility that did not machine, we are willing to try. The reason that ”   fiber-optic Laser safety goggle suits to process metallic data particularly is its wavelengh has 1.06 μm only, and CO2 Laser safety goggle is 10.6 μm. Former have latter only very one of, stuff is so right of Laser safety goggle energy draw difference remarkable. With fiber-optic Laser safety goggle cut special material needs to be familiar with the type that masters quality of power, beam of light, auxiliary gas and pressure, nozzle a large number of knowledge such as position of design, focus and cut speed. Optimize reach an equilibrium these parameter, need us to be done to the machine sometimes a few change his costume or dress necessarily. For example, sensor of typical height of Laser safety goggle cut head can inductive metal stuff, if metalloid element is contained in application,so the influence passes the property of feeling highly, the likelihood needs to use other height to pass feeling technology. Turn over the craft that material matures as a kind high, the fiber-optic Laser safety goggle application in turning over material high is as remarkable as another of CO2 Laser safety goggle distinction. “ if you turn over material high with CO2 Laser safety goggle cut, no matter how agree,be failure surely so, because transmit the power to material or beam of light to be able to be reflexed to come back, ”Bartholomew respecting. The way of beam of light of “CO2 Laser safety goggle is formed by a series of lens, beam of light can be reflexed to answer syntonic antrum. A large number of reflex come back power, meeting injury is to destroy syntonic antrum even. So, what perhaps must prevent reflex to pass to sensor is special glance component is done a few adjust. This is very complex, and difficulty having a place. ”   fiber-optic Laser safety goggle suits cut more all sorts of turn over material high. “ uses a design reasonable transmission is fiber-optic, ” his respecting, “ if reflex was entered fiber-optic, fiber-optic can absorb its, let it cannot obtain Laser safety goggle source. Turn over beam of light high to be in without the opportunity fiber-optic in transmission answers Laser safety goggle source. “ of ”     is fiber-optic must design ” with this kind of means. Bartholomew clew. “ cable must be designed reasonable. Manufacturer of a little fiber-optic Laser safety goggle says they have what can produce similar wavelengh to transmit fiber-optic, but they transmit light beam with different method, uses cell and syntonic antrum are not certain also be solid state. The system of this kind of type, reflection beam of light still can affect Laser safety goggle. If you prepare cut to turn over material high, be about to use the whole solid state, fiber-optic Laser safety goggle that is inscribed to reduce tall ask in reply by the design, for example the IPG fiber-optic Laser safety goggle that we choose. The comparison of ”   fiber-optic Laser safety goggle and CO2 Laser safety goggle to the user, the biggest distinction between CO2 Laser safety goggle and fiber-optic Laser safety goggle handles cost namely. “ of Laser safety goggle of a CO2 run cost on average to be 12.5 dollars about / hour, still do not include to assist aeriform cost, ”bartholomew says. “ this is to safeguard only with operation cost. And the moving cost of fiber-optic Laser safety goggle is 3.5 dollars only / hour. The fiber-optic Laser safety goggle beam cutting machine of Whitney of   of   of ”     can process a variety of data, include chip material, composite material to reach turn over material high, have rapidder cut rate, smaller operation becomes this mixing to uphold requirement the least. In addition, CO2 Laser safety goggle is in the speed when be thin plate of auxiliary gas cut with nitrogen also not enemy fiber-optic Laser safety goggle, bartholomew expresses. “ fiber-optic Laser safety goggle has speed advantage more when cut thin plate, because fiber-optic Laser safety goggle can be absorbed better when crossing material,this is, cut is accordingly more businesslike. For the material that exceeds 6.35mm to those ply, need uses nitrogen to assist cut. The cut rate of CO2 and fiber-optic Laser safety goggle is right now similar. Another ”   fiber-optic Laser safety goggle is lower than CO2 Laser safety goggle cost main reason and safeguard relevant. The biggest to CO2 Laser safety goggle maintenance becomes this coming from to be adjusted of antrum regularly or change at resonance. “ normally, every pass CO2 Laser safety goggle about 12, 000 hours, with respect to need expenditure 2-4 10 thousand dollars ask technical personnel to adjust syntonic pitch. And fiber-optic Laser safety goggle does not need completely to adjust syntonic pitch. Cost of ”   operation also is the apparent weakness of CO2 Laser safety goggle. Bartholomew expresses, Laser safety goggle light beam produces in syntonic antrum, need a lot of support facilities to produce light beam, include gas of fan, lens, cut and high-pressured equipment to wait. In addition, undertake operating to cut head to conduct beam of light, still need refrigeration and adjust method of beam of light. If change fiber-optic Laser safety goggle, all these cost issues are nonexistent. “ a true fiber-optic Laser safety goggle is pure solid state, with respect to fiber-optic like the IPG that we use Laser safety goggle, generated Laser safety goggle light beam is passed fiber-optic conduct to cut head, ”Bartholomew expresses. People always thinks to use fiber-optic Laser safety goggle before “ can of less than of cut 6.35 Mm thick board, ”Bartholomew respecting. The test of “Whitney proves to be not actually as a result such. We had used cut of fiber-optic Laser safety goggle success of 19.05 Mm thick board, return the fiber-optic Laser safety goggle that can use 12 KW even, with the carbolic steel of the rate cut 6.35 Mm of 12.7 M/min, faster than plasma cut. The cut head that ”   has what needed an attention is fiber-optic Laser safety goggle is more more complex than CO2 Laser safety goggle. Head of fiber-optic Laser safety goggle cut is completely sealed, in order to prevent outside pollution. To Laser safety goggle head safeguard requirement user to pay close attention operation flow, clean material, clean method and operation environment. Although can change on the machine,protect lens and nozzle, disassemble and safeguard of cut head must want to undertake below clean and ventilated environment. Photograph of antrum of fiber-optic Laser safety goggle resonance considers a variety of advantages of fiber-optic Laser safety goggle integratedly to the advantage of antrum of CO2 Laser safety goggle resonance, bartholomew experienced what Laser safety goggle industry is faced with to change. At present whole industry is in “ transfer level. A lot of Laser safety goggle equipment produced business to throw a large number of cost in CO2 Laser safety goggle, they are so fiber-optic to the promotion outclass of CO2 Laser safety goggle Laser safety goggle. At the same time CO2 Laser safety goggle passes old promotion, a lot of companies had had the capacity that uses CO2 Laser safety goggle in many craft. This nature slow down speed of fiber-optic Laser safety goggle all-pervading. These “ companies need to use the angle that differs with traditional idea to see a problem, such their ability change current way quite, ”Bartholomew respecting. “ has kind of viewpoint to think should use fiber-optic Laser safety goggle according to the means of use CO2 Laser safety goggle, but machine craft to can obtain optimal fiber-optic Laser safety goggle, you should try a few new methods. ”
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