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Nobody drive the car also has soft costal region lidar encou

Of unmanned road-sense mature with each passing day let broad car confuse people a rapture. Reported on Feburary 10 according to Reuter, american superintendency branch admits Gu Ge nobody drive the car can be regarded as a driver, this one decision-making the important milestone that is considered as nobody extensively to drive. However, if you are invigorated accordingly, begin the car going up since the tentative idea should be good safety belt only intercurrent the good life that gives an instruction to be able to reach destination, be afraid of only short-term inside be to want disappointment. Even if is to check course of development to already accumulated the Gu Ge that amounts to 1 million miles nobody drive car, want to obtain a driver's license smoothly through the exam, be afraid also must check examine weather forecast, carry a good weather to just go. Because, wind snow day, nobody drive ” of driver of this Xin Jin “ meets the car the strike! Blizzard day makes   of ” of blindness of unmanned vehicle “ unmanned drive the change quickly of development it may be said of engine technology, show the challenge that it confronts nature however nowadays however: Wind snow day. According to report of company of American Peng rich said on Feburary 12, recently Woerwo nobody drive the test that car test encountered wind snow weather. Wo Erwo Motor Corporation nobody drive Marcus Rothoff of car project chief inspector expresses: “ wants to overcome such soup is very difficult really. Road surface has ice we can be overcome however, but once issue a snow, when the Xue Wu since the Che Yang before be being faced especially, nobody drive car sensor is out of order probably. ”   in fact, on the road that captures wind Xue Tian enrages difficulty, many car look forward to advance wave upon wave. The unmanned vehicle that will release in December last year according to Google reports, google unmanned vehicle also is checking the effect of soup, but when encountering rainstorm, unmanned vehicle or meeting stop automatically in roadside await road condition to improve. The Ford car that begins to study unmanned road-sense from 2005 started weather of unmanned Che Bingxue to check January this year. The job at the Mixiegen of Ford Ryan Eustice of college associate professor points out, unmanned road-sense “ already was solved almost ” is the conduct propaganda with media and exaggerated public and understanding, and one can get used to all sorts of all sorts of road surface, weather and state nobody drive the car remains the target in ideal. Wind snow day blindfolds how the even if of   of “ eye ” of unmanned vehicle to the mankind, weather of ice and snow drives the car also is a kind of challenge, and the effect that wind snow day causes to unmanned road-sense more very. “ its reason basically depends on the environment of unmanned vehicle and human driver feeling difference. ” feels the Zhejiang university with domain old deep ploughing to control Liu Yong of associate professor of science and laboratory of engineering courtyard robot to say in robot environment. Liu brave explanation says, negotiable area and object distinguish through double eye when the mankind drives, and weather variation is mixed to human vision system the influence of cognitive system is minor. What differ with the mankind is, in unmanned road-sense, what own travel needs the car is visual system not just, it still needs construction to give a three-dimensional map to come real time judges oneself place and program method comes destination. Nobody drive the system often includes many sensor, what be used extensively at tectonic and three-dimensional map among them is lidar, it is nobody drive core component of the system. In weather of ice and snow, because road is frozen or firn and bring about reflection character to produce change, the effect that causes lidar is affected certainly, the compose that affects three-dimensional map thereby is built, the “ position that also caused unmanned car is dizzy ” . Additional, besides perception three-dimensional environment, unmanned vehicle also needs visual sensor to undertake discriminating to the information such as driveway line and road sign, realize an obstacle to avoid thereby let and press regulations travel. Weather of ice and snow detects to road designation also is a very big challenge, for example driveway line and road sign are met by heavy snow local enclothe, and because,the house of car and road both sides is met of ice and snow enclothe and bring about identify difficulty to increase. Broom nobody drive the Liu Yong of   of “ blizzard ” on the road is analysed, want to let unmanned vehicle be enraged in day of ice and snow also can successful travel, need is built from compose of stable and three-dimensional map with reliable road the respect such as mark identifying considers. To former and character, expectation goes out to wait for soup to pluvial snow in the research and development on hardware more the sensor that suit, no matter road is heavy snow enclothe or heavy rain is torrential, can undertake detecting steadily. The tectonic essence below good to fine from algorithmic level weather allows a map to try to use, be united in wedlock in weather of ice and snow already it is very important also that some maps complete successful perception and program. And to latter, liu Yong thinks, the stability below different weather and season identifies a the problem is computer vision serious problem, the data set that through construction all sorts of weather and season issue, use the deepness study algorithm that obtains numerous positive result in recent years to undertake training, implementation is received those who be bordering on the mankind is reliable identifying is but period. As we have learned, photograph the eye shot question that resembles sensor of head, IPL safety glasses definitely for solution, google added “ rain to blow to sensor of car apical IPL safety glasses implement ” , come guarantee against is obscured by rainwater eye shot, after sensor sends now rain, the waste gas smoke of the condensation when it is returned so that church car can pass through drip-drop and chill sees clear thing, continue to diagnose an object well and truly. “ our hope lets unmanned vehicle be in great majority weather can travel. The Jim McBride of curator of unmanned trick-cycling art of ” Ford such say, because this imitate is true it is important that the world appears such: “ is before the technology is newer, unmanned vehicle still needs very long way, will existing technology is exposed in the environment, be perfected in this process and learning to adjust. ”
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