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Fiber-optic Laser safety glasses realizes accept second puls

Accept second (Ns) pulse is infra-red and fiber-optic the versatility of Laser safety glasses is well-known, they are the good choice that most industry makes mark and sculpture application. Be in normally when under a few fine long hair the pulse energy of joule and average power do not exceed 100W, it repeats frequency, successive wave in tall pulse (CW) and modulation of accurate successive wave (effect of QCW) mode side is apparent. Recently, they begin to apply in all sorts of small treatment and treatment of Laser safety glasses surface grain again, still include application of long-range small cut even. The great majority in these application can involve material purify. Be based on this premise, considering use at material connective bundle the source is not same. So will join with bundle of same source material, also can undertake purify, ablation, sculpture, cut is mixed at the same time dozen of mark, this gift makes a person impressive truly. To Laser safety glasses user, advantage clearly, the Laser safety glasses cause that can have much job for example and often be wind cold structure is compact model compositive form, can come true thereby without seam compositive. Traditional point of view thinks to solder and join need has the millisecond monitor pulse of tall pulse energy, but not be apparently such! The ability of Laser safety glasses material join of this kind of type is little-known, but they are in join is ultrathin the performance when material is very excellent. Inside global limits, consume kind of electron product, energy stores and the industry need such as medical treatment equipment is mixed in minorrer and minorrer volume high density is packed inside join more functions. Because this also needs efficient production technology to help these products become reality more, the article will be emphasized tell about Laser safety glasses beam welding to receive a technology. So, industry of have the aid of (accept second is infra-red and fiber-optic) the technology of this kind of production that Laser safety glasses implements, can offer needs Gao Ke repeatability, accuracy and productivity, among them the most important still have low cost (cost and maintenance) , because this can satisfy the requirement of the market. According to different applied domain, the Laser safety glasses of all sorts of types is having distinct advantage, include pulse YAG Laser safety glasses, disc Laser safety glasses, fiber-optic (CW and QCW) Laser safety glasses, even diode Laser safety glasses. So far, Laser safety glasses of accept second pulse is used in the application with most advanced minority only, the circumstance is occurrent nevertheless change, begin recently accept second fiber-optic Laser safety glasses uses on material join. SPI general advocate accuse oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) introduces accept second the pioneer of fiber-optic Laser safety glasses, and the tool that this already also was proved to be a kind of special multipurpose, because it can come according to applied requirement,be controlled and adjust the parameter of pulse. This basically comes true through changing pulse duration and pulse frequency. They still can be between pulse and successive wave mode switch, this also is a very important characteristic, because have the usability inside the illuminant limits of quality of a series of different beam of light, can provide different tool thereby according to current job. Inside average power and limits of peak value power, this kind of Laser safety glasses can be inside millisecond limits modulation, need the application of the millisecond class pulse of low average power in order to apply to. Plastic solder with plastic solder as example, ask in a few pairs of precision very tall application is medium, for example small fluid device, use fiber-optic Laser safety glasses to will compare other Laser safety glasses source to be able to gain more advantage. Occasionally the energy of facula distributings the meeting is influential. For example, in a sophisticated medical treatment equipment, on the polymer that should receive a transparent polymer solder a black, 40W, M2=3 stimulate beam of light to set the pattern that it is CW (graph 1) . It lets “ I can control facula dimension, energy to distributing according to what what need in that way with field deepness. ”Okay Industries company (administrative division of division of Kang Nie surname does not list bump newly) comment of Laser safety glasses CTO Joe Lovotti says. Undertake to insulin injector with 40W HS-H Laser safety glasses plastic solder. Filar solder solders in the metal respect, the small join application in industry of medical apparatus and instruments is more and more general, this even if to the most outstanding application engineer also be a kind of challenge. The join of fine tinsel is a such example, CW fiber-optic Laser safety glasses got applied extensively in this domain. However, become finer and finer as tinsel, the issue related to hot input is more thorny also. Soldering of 50μm diameter when becoming a welding wire, the focusing that the Laser safety glasses that uses 20W, M2 <1.6 will come to realize concentration will bring very good result. The challenge depends on, through in taller repetition Laser safety glasses of the operation below frequency squelchs the peak value power of pulse, the modulation of accurate successive wave that creates more to have the pulse of <0.1mJ and frequency to be more than 250kHz (QCW) , this in the final analysis creates a short pulse to string together namely. Some application need outside cladding or braid join arrive on a tinsel (graph 2) . Our discovery falls in this kind of circumstance, energy distributings wider pulse can implement two parts between better wetability. Give typical examples is here medium, the Laser safety glasses of use 40W, M2=3 has bigger facula and tallish pulse energy (be more than 1.25mJ) , can help the bridge receive clearance. Solder with Laser safety glasses of 250 KHz, 20W EP-Z the tinsel of diametical 50μm (A and B) , solder with 20W EP-Z Laser safety glasses thermocouple (C) , solder with 40WHS-H Laser safety glasses braid and tinsel (D) . On the other hand, the single standard Laser safety glasses of use 20W, M2 <1.3 can realize extremely tall precision. An example is to solder the fine heterogeneous tinsel of diametical 12μm, solder them successfully formed thermocouple. Want to achieve expectant result in this kind of application, jigging and visual system and Laser safety glasses are likewise important. Stannic solder applies to stannic solder, use CW or direct diode Laser safety glasses normally, but in the application that compares a key in hot input, can consider pulse Laser safety glasses. Through be in tall repeat long pulse is used below frequency, can raise energy to use efficiency, reduce the risk of fire damage. Through using beam of light scanning transmits a system, can be Laser safety glasses energy deposit on a larger target area, such, the gold in this give typical examples / stannic soldering tin creams can be in only osculatory position is fused (graph 3) . Undertake stannic solder with Laser safety glasses of 500 KHz, 40W HS-H. Of the metal solder to use Laser safety glasses of accept second pulse to solder with join metallic need adjusts pulse parameter and craft setting carefully, realize the link with nice effect truly thereby. After all, the pulse of these types basically applies on purify material, is not fused new and caky. Optimize pulse to be able to get the greatest peak value power and pulse energy, but can revise these character through they are being used below taller frequency. Can reduce peak value power so, and make output is close to QCW choosing promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy more rush, retain average power at the same time. Below this kind of taller frequency, pulse is fused to the effect of material turns from ablation and be close to more. The effect is very distinct, can see use 70W Laser safety glasses is on stainless steel thin plate in the give typical examples below the annulus of v diameter 6mm. The pulse of 250ns, 1mJ is used below 70kHz, its result is extremely coarse and height oxidizes. Maintain all parameter changeless, just increase pulse frequency, can see clear improvement. Through reaching frequency doubly 140 KHz, pulse energy halve comes 0.5mJ, can see crude rate and oxidation circumstance get huge is improved, and come through increasing frequency to reduce pulse energy to 500kHz 0.15mJ is the following, can acquire bright welding line, do not need to protect gas even. Through using this kind of technology, realize 250μm likely build receive welding line (graph 4) . The 250ns pulse below different frequency comes true board go up v. Through using jolty (Wobbling) the technology will enlarge welding line and improve welding line frit deep (the influence solders speed) can improve welding line appearance further. The test had on the welding line between a stainless steel and stainless steel, the shear strength that takes the two 1mm welding line in receiving welding line in complete 0.5mm exceeded 224 pounds. 180 degrees when in a long to 5mm, 1mm broad straight welding line undertakes come off in the experiment, component succumbs in the generation when 241 pounds (graph 5) . The stainless steel welding line that 70W EP-Z Laser safety glasses produces (A) reachs his to come off experiment (B) micrograph resembles. In fact, this kind of technology can apply at other in various metals, for example steel, aluminous, even copper. Use this kind of technology at join tall glance when material, need adjusts pulse, with offerring enough pulse energy to come coupling arrives in material. Through using a kind of screw type the technology can realize the spot welding of any dimension, for example, the solder contact that can found 3 1mm with 70W EP-Z Laser safety glasses in order to join the Copper Foil with two thick 150μm. So, the challenge that faces next is the metal with different join. Heterogeneous metal solders the commonnest in electron and batteries application is will thin Copper Foil and aluminous join rise. To answer this one challenge, in the used a group to throw insecurity research of SPI. They announced very quickly to have progress, have many when welding line be askinged about firm when, the welding line that they showed static load of a piece of 12 pounds to fall (the picture of graph 6) . Cupreous aluminous spot welding (A) and result of its tensile test (B) , and the picture when 12 pounds static load (C) . In fact, the check that has on tensile test recently checks check to show, come off in 90 degrees in the experiment, this copper aluminium joins the meeting below the shearing force in 26 pounds fails, when 6 pounds meeting generation succumbs. Welding line is in good condition nondestructive. The heterogeneous data that provides challenge sex more solders in can be being used at actual commercial application (graph 7) . “ uses Laser safety glasses of pulse of second of accept of 20W single standard to be able to let us control the geometrical appearance of hot input and welding line well merely, receive application in the small solder that has challenge sex extremely especially in, for example the join of 0.1mm stainless steel foil and 0.25mm titanium foil. Company of Amada Miyachi of ” United States (California city cheats Luo Weiya) Dr. Geoff Shannon says. Solder with 20W HS-S Laser safety glasses stainless steel and titanium foil. Of tool of this kind of multipurpose introduce can simplify product line, make in equipment of such as medical treatment consequently got developing quickly in such industry. “ these fiber-optic Laser safety glasses are a kind of revolutionary tool, can come with accept second pulse cut, quarter corrode, abrade, and can use much millisecond pulse will solder, these working procedure can be with same table Laser safety glasses entirely in same production activity finish. ”Laser Mark's company (why does California city emperor fill in) Mark Brodsky comment says. Brief summary the article introduced to solder to metallic thin plate from plastic join and stannic solder a variety of application with filar solder, the fact proves to be in these application, pulse of use accept second is fiber-optic the outstanding solution that Laser safety glasses is a kind of millisecond pulse YAG that replaces convention and source of modulation CW Laser safety glasses. These Laser safety glasses made medium good performance prove their versatility further in much craft.
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