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CO2 Laser safety goggle is in charge of use ABC

The Laser safety goggle that domestic common weighs is in charge of, full name should be: Glass seals Laser safety goggle of CO2 leaving type. Because this Laser safety goggle is glass to the canal is enclosed and be become, because this is called by common,Laser safety goggle is in charge of. Canal of this kind of Laser safety goggle is given priority to with domestic production. Laser provides main norms model with Laser safety goggle power as the most important and divisional. At present common type is: 30W, 40W, 60W, 70W, 80W, 90W, 100W, 130W, 150W. The Laser safety goggle canal of different power basically distinguishs differ for length. If 60W Laser safety goggle canal is 1200mm, 80W, 100W length is 1600mm commonly. Additionally still the degree of finish that is Laser safety goggle canal differs, the 50±1mm of the 80±1mm;40W of 90W. Laser canal basically is used at equipment of CO2 Laser safety goggle beam machining. Be like Laser safety goggle beam cutting machine, Laser safety goggle engraving tool, Laser safety goggle hits sign chance to wait. Use note: 1. Indispensible form a complete set is reliable the Laser safety goggle power source of function, the Laser safety goggle canal of every different power can have the Laser safety goggle power source that answers relatively match. It is incorrect and easy to match cause Laser safety goggle to be in charge of explosive.2. Indispensible use below good circular water-cooling condition. The discharge of cooling water is 2L—4L/ minute, if cooling result is bad, can make take off film, bring about power to drop even.3 of Laser safety goggle canal explosion. Use moment uses cooling water low the principle that advances tower above, adjust conduit, assure to bleb is not had inside pipe. Cooling water uses soft water (distilled water or clean water) , notice water is warm highest cannot prep above 30 degrees, lowermost temperature cannot make the water inside frozen, optimum temperature is spent for 15-25 between. There cannot be furring inside the canal, lest cause cooling water to jam, furring can be cleaned with the rare hydrochloric acid of 20% . New color of use Laser safety goggle canal glow is pink, very bright-coloured, color of the glow after ageing is white, very dim. The CO2 Laser safety goggle of general small-power is in charge of the expiration period to be 3 months, the CO2 Laser safety goggle canal that service life is above of 2000 hours.100W can be used 5000 to 10000 hours, maintain period can protect 10 months to arrive 1 year commonly. And the standard that changes freely each manufacturer each are not identical, change the program also depends on their after service. Laser provides the distinction with foreign CO2 Laser safety goggle: Homebred vitreous Laser safety goggle (namely Laser safety goggle is in charge of) the treatment intent that shows actually with entrance Laser safety goggle and application are basic and identical. In the exterior, structure, life, on function, put in very big difference. Also differ in price respect very big, same power, those who import Laser safety goggle is a few times of Laser safety goggle homebred probably. (same life also differs very big. Entrance CO2 Laser safety goggle can aerate repeatedly use, canal of homebred glass Laser safety goggle is general as one-time use) accordingly, homebred glass Laser safety goggle, because of the price cheap, economy is practical got domestic and international client approbate.
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