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Multilayer stave asks for the Lamanguang of black lead Xi

Xi of foreword black lead is Sp2 carbon atom the structure of hexagon beehive shape that close together accumulation forms crystal of 2 dimension atom, have tall electrical conductivity and thermal conductance, Gao Zailiu child the advantage such as mobility, free electrovalence space, high strenth and stiffness, will in small accept electronic parts, photoelectricity detects with changeover material, structure and function enhance composite material to reach store can wait for vast domain to get applied; Traditional domain and burgeoning domain wait to will bring revolutionary technical progress in monitor of batteries of ion of industry of semiconductor industry, smooth hot season, lithium, spaceflight, war industry, new generation, once the quantity is produced,be sure to become the next the industry of -727379968 class. However, research of quality of physics of black lead Xi and the rapid development that parts of an apparatus uses are mixed to the preparation of material token raised new requirement, since black lead Xi since discovery, all sorts of token methods are used at the research of material of black lead Xi widely. The structure of token material crystal that pulling graceful spectrum is a kind of fast nondestructive, electron can take chromatic dispersion of energy of structure, phonon and electron - the important technical step of phonon coupling, have higher resolution, it is rich one of the most welcome token technologies in strapping canal of rice of accept of Xi, carbon, diamond to consider, crucial effect had in the development course of material with carbon element. Use Raman to analyse us to be able to judge number of plies of black lead Xi, caboodle to fall the structure of means, attributive, margin, structure such as tension and impure condition and property. The article uses experimental device chart studied Lamanguang multilayer of black lead Xi pull graceful spectrum, the resonance that is based on graphite material pulls graceful scattering mechanism to point to the physical source that identifies sample to pull graceful summit each. Sample: Multilayer black lead Xi is filmy, detect according to the brim, intermediate area many sampling dot. Test equipment: Microscopical system of spectrometer of copolymerization Jiao Laman (model Finder Vista, limited company of instrument of Beijing eminent Li Hanguang) ; Laser wavelengh is 532nm; Spectrometer parameter: 500 focal length, grating 1800g/mm; Slit width is 100um, integral time is 20s, 100X field lens. The article uses verdict 532nm arouses illuminant to detect of a black lead Xi pull graceful spectrum. Undertake an analysis through pulling graceful spectrum to its, can decide the number of plies of black lead Xi well and truly quickly; The strength that uses its D peak and G peak compares the blemish density in Xi of black lead of OK and quantitative research. Chart is in Lamanguang domain of black lead Xi not just go no further the number of plies at Xi of judgement black lead and blemish density, the crystal lattice structure according to black lead Xi and the transition that double resonance helps graceful scattering process choose a law, use intensity of peak of D of brim of black lead Xi to be able to judge structure of brim hand sex not only, also can analyse black lead Xi turn round a structure; Additional, the change of outside ambient also is met to the Lamanguang of black lead Xi chart produces an effect, for example the base with temperature, stress and black lead located Xi is waited a moment. Chart research work still has the Lamanguang of black lead Xi very long way should go, still can encounter the problem on a lot of science and technology on this road, believe the research of further thorough ground as worker of extensive scientific research and analysis, these difficult problem will one by one is solved, people is known in the application of domain of black lead Xi to Raman will more comprehensive with development! Test spectrogram is as follows: Multilayer area of center of black lead Xi, brim the Lamante of 3 1350cm-1 of table plan plan, 1580cm-1 asks for Lamanguang the Lamante of peak graph 4 2700cm-1 asks for a peak
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