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Researcher success research and development gives real time

According to the report, the combination that by American northwest university and Du Ke the university comprises studies the group uses data of liquid laser gain, successful research and development gives real time adjustable plasma laser. Should consider to be published in the near future to publish " natural newsletter " on the magazine. Adopt traditional laser technique, smooth can focusing arrives the half of its frequency, namely so called diffractive limit. To this, scientists had found the way that breaks through this one limit, through building plasma laser, will stimulate beam of light and metal (for example gold) exterior plasma (oscillatory surface electron) union, the platoon is in an array. Nevertheless, this kind of method also has its limitation, because it must depend on material of solid laser gain, bring about laser to be adjusted not easily, and not be real time. And the new research achievement of group of beautiful combination research, regard laser gain as the method of material through using a kind of liquid, can achieve laser of real time adjustment. Array of array of researcher use gold, antrum of resonance of plasma accept rice and liquid dye dissolvent regard gain as material, the refractive index that can carry change dye so changes the wavelengh of laser. Compare with the gain data phase that is a foundation with solid, new achievement has two main advantages: Above all dye can dissolve quickly in different dissolvent, have different refractive index, can adjust in real time laser; Next, because gain material is a liquid, can enter housing through passageway fill, can change through using different liquid trends.
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