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Detector of photoelectricity of Xi of new-style black lead:

Spain and development of American scientist collaboration go a kind of photoelectricity detector that is based on black lead Xi to change appearance, its can not be in 50 flying seconds (of 1 second 1/-1530494976) will smooth translate into is telegraphic inside time date, be close to photoelectricity to change the limit of speed almost, will help the development that promotes many domains energetically. Efficient photoelectricity changes a technology, because can let the message that carries solely be changed,can be in electronic circuit the telegraphic number that has handling, waiting for domain of many crucial technologies to producing main effect to the solar battery from camera, also be application of data news report is important prop up. Although black lead Xi is a kind of stuff that has extremely tall photoelectricity to change efficiency, but the scientists before this do not know its are right the reaction that exceeds short smooth pulse has many after all fast. Now, by Spanish photon the researcher of scientific institute nots friend of family of Lang Ke · this professor, Jiatailuoniya is advanced the Ni Erke · of the academy model · Hurat, , and California university river bank department of cent school physics teachs Liu Jinning (transliteration) the photoelectricity detector that research group development of the leader went to be based on black lead Xi this kind changes appearance, its can be inside the time that is less than 50 flying seconds will smooth translate into report, changed photoelectricity speed to advance the limit. Newest research already published in the near future to publish " technology of rice of natural · accept " on the magazine. To accomplish this, researcher was used exceed fast pulse laser to arouse and the electron of freeboard sensitivity numerates method. Researcher carat this - · peaceful Er says spread: The unique part of this one experiment depends on “ , exceed what exceed fast photon to learn what to obtain from only member fast pulse to shape technology and technology of electron of black lead Xi are perfect union is together, plus black lead Xi nonlinear reaction of smooth — pyroelectricity, make scientists can be inside so short time date of telecommunication of will smooth translate into. Researcher weighs ”   , because all conduction band inside black lead Xi carry,flow child between existing to exceed fast and the correlation of freeboard effect, creating tension giving light quickly inside black lead Xi is likely. This kind of mutual correlation makes they can use a kind of electron temperature that lifts ceaselessly, make quickly give a kind of electron to distributing. Come so, the energy that draws from light can by effective and the quantity of heat that apace change becomes an electron. Subsequently, having the boundary of the area of Xi of two black lead of two kinds of different adulteration, electronic quantity of heat is turned to become voltage. Experimental result makes clear, effect of this kind of smooth pyroelectricity appears at the same time almost, the smooth OK and rapid change that is absorbed becomes telegraphic name. Researcher expresses, newest research opened to lead to the new route that exceeds fast photoelectricity to change. Tone says division Peng Sijiang: Detector of photoelectricity of Xi of “ black lead owns admirable property, OK at a lot of domains applying. ”   detector as the eye, photoelectricity changes parts of an apparatus to resemble a medium sensitive cell, acute degree of the cell decided the about of the world that the eye sees, also decided cerebrum is right the understanding degree of the world. For the lab instrument that needs nicety to measure especially to photoelectricity detector, fly even an iota erroneous that the error of second class is away on official business possibly the result with a thousand li. This research lets black lead Xi bring a surprise again, changed photoelectricity speed to advance the limit, can obtain the fastest response thereby, ability reduces interference factor as far as possible, make us right see better to astrospace from particle world Hunan, calculate more accurately, think more clearly.
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