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The Laser safety eyewear of germanium stannum semiconductor

Come from You Lixi banner to issue “ the scientists of institute ”(PGI-9) and ”(Paul Scherrer Institute) of institute of “ Paul Xie Le had used Pitegelinbeige the accessory that germanium and stannum made an experiment use, and be on silicon chip had a test. Paul Xie Le considers to after the place determines, discover, germanium stannum compound can arise at the same time and enlarge laser signal, and stannic element appears very important to the optical function of this kind of new facility. Stephen Wirths of PGI-9 doctoral student complements: “ Gao Hanxi measures the optical performance that decided it, this is we were entered in the mix into in crystal lattice first exceed the stannum of 10% and do not have a loss ” of its optics character. The semiconductor laser that uses in electronic system at present, main by periodic chart medium the 3rd a group of things with common features or the 5th a group of things with common features elemental place composition, for instance arsenic changes gallium. Also because such, the laser that makes by these material cannot with other plant of silicon radical semiconductor is direct and compatible (not only difficult, and arduous) . In addition, because its join material has different coefficient, the service life of device also can be reduced somewhat. Dr. PGI-9 Dan Buca expresses: This laser device can be in “ the lowermost lukewarm come off work of throughout history is made (0 183 Celsius / 0 297.4 degree Fahrenheit) ” . Believe this test system is in after optimizing, still can bring more superior property performance. In addition, the clock signal of synchronous circuit can use the energy that is as high as 30% , can be so in smooth transmission process economic and much energy.
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