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Fiber-optic Laser safety goggle technology develops a tenden

Technology of laser of 10 time fine was in in the past the respect such as quality of output power, beam of light and brightness obtained tremendous progress. Because of fiber-optic laser efficient can reduce electric power demand further, in industry production respect has farther breakthrough, and these new production technologies can cause more new designs that have not come true at present or await development and treatment method. From low rate is fiber-optic in domestic company in last few years in light of laser development, china is right in the demand of fiber-optic laser increases low power rapid. Apply business reach the promotion that machines craft to machining efficiency downstream as future, downstream treatment business asks to rise necessarily to the power of equipment of fiber-optic laser beam machining. At present laser of Wuhan acute division and Shenzhen achieve Xin laser to had developed a 2000W---4000W prototype, among them next year of acute division laser will begin a quantity to produce 2000W fiber-optic laser, strive to hold prospective 2000W---The opportunity that high speed of 4000W fiber-optic laser expands. Because of this future 2000W---Fiber-optic laser will become 4000W high power one of mainstream equipment of manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, integrated circuit of industry of our country electron, in light of the growth trend of the product with the higher content of a few technologies such as printed circuit, the own innovation ability of electronic product domain is being strengthened ceaselessly, and accurate laser is made there is vast market space in this domain with the service, the product such as SMT pattern plate uses accurate laser extensively to make with the service had been development trend, the nature that accurate laser makes the market that did not come with the service is existing market grows, the technics that is a tradition additionally is made by accurate laser gradually replace with the service, the market cannot set limit to. Domain of domestic accurate laser beam machining, charm amounts to the manufacturer bright that is engaged in production of laser pattern plate, Guang Hong, allow rises auspicious, Mu Sen to wait, be engaged in flexible main and glazed charm amounts to the manufacturer that circuit board laser shapes, Li Jie division, emperor division, the firm that pursues HDI bore basically has multivariate science and technology and actor health holding company. Accurate laser is made and service industry is burgeoning industry, it is one of industries that electronic manufacturing industry has latent capacity most, be in growing initial stage at present. Laser uses rapid development of the technology, promoted laser to process the wide application of the domain in nicety. The professional and accurate laser with our country and electronic information relevant 2008 industry is made and serve industry income 1.955 billion yuan, be replaced ceaselessly as what accurate laser makes to the tradition and break through, accurate laser is made in permeating a tradition to make ceaselessly, industry of our country accurate laser beam machining carries higher increase rate. 2013, chinese accurate laser makes the production value with service industry make an appointment with 7.258 billion yuan, 5.514 billion yuan of growth than 2012 31.6% , market size is larger, market prospect is good. OFweek goes the effect that because short wavelengh, short arteries and veins is wide,Xie Qidong of research center analyst thinks it is better that the domain is machined to have in laser precision, because of this future home fiber-optic laser leads fiber-optic laser besides Xiang Gaogong besides development, still will forward way of short wavelengh, short pulse develops. At present industry of our country fiber-optic laser has formed optical pump, special type fiber-optic, light is lain between wait for product production to make, partial chip is enclosed and laser / laser equipment uses relatively complete industry chain inside, make the whole world one of area with the rapiddest development of fiber-optic laser estate. In the meantime, the problem that at present industry of domestic fiber-optic laser still faces is the product is centered generally in low power fiber-optic laser, and will look from profit and sale, the market with fiber-optic the biggest laser is in the application of kilowatt class above. Among them, cut of gold of 2 dimension Ban is it is kilowatt class the main application of fiber-optic laser, and three-dimensional laser beam machining also is in rapid development phase, the demand with annual market of high-power cut machine has broken through 3000. OFweek goes Xie Qidong of research center analyst predicts output of fiber-optic laser of our country low power will exceed 30000 2014, predict the whole nation is fiber-optic this year at the same time laser total sales relatively grew 31.73% 2013. Be about to understand market of the current situation of fiber-optic laser industry, fractionize, trend and foreground further, welcome research center of trade of the OFweek that order to publish " 2014 - market of Chinese fiber-optic laser considered to reach foreground to forecast a report 2017 " . " report " labor the market condition that market condition of application of existing state of affairs of development of industry of equipment of existing state of affairs of development of industry of Chinese fiber-optic laser and foreground, fiber-optic laser, fiber-optic laser and upper reaches supply
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