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Do you know why laser glasses can protect your eyes?

Laser protection is a very important safeguard, because it is related to the health of our eyes. Then the laser protective glasses we understand how much? It is not well aware of it? Then we will look together to see if there is no specific content, we do not know.
The variety of laser protective glasses and its protective principle, glasses mainly avoid laser damage to the eyes. Because the laser energy is highly concentrated, the effect of the eyes of the great damage and even blindness, so the risk of staff is necessary to wear laser laser protective glasses. Laser protective glasses are absorbed, reflective, composite, blasting, photochemical reaction, and other types of glass ceramics.
Absorption is to add a variety of absorbent in glass or plastic lens, absorb the laser can not pass through. The reflective is plated with a group of high refractive index dielectric film on the lens, when the light medium film all reflective phase interfaces are the same, so that the light reflection wavelength of the reflected laser can strengthen to protect the purpose of other glasses, and visible light has a very high through to.
The composite consists of two reflective dielectric film, a layer of color center absorption glass separated, restrain the two reflection film don't need internal reflection. The performance of laser protective glasses good maintenance, the safety coefficient of baby snoring, protection for medium and large power laser.
Blasting is a layer of explosives on the lens. When the incident laser intensity reaches a certain value, it can be used to avoid the damage of laser weapon. Each kind of laser protective glasses have their own characteristics, usually only one laser wavelength, the laser can prevent small amount of two or more wavelengths according to the laser so it is necessary to use, choose suitable laser goggles.
The above is to bring us, for the introduction of laser protective glasses. We look forward to the future to help us, if we want to know more about the relevant aspects of the content and common sense. Please pay more attention to us, look forward to your visit.




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