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Dai Jiguang glasses do laser surgery notes

Safety precautions for laser surgery with laser protective spectacles
Laser surgery using the main varieties, carbon dioxide (CO2) gas laser (wavelength 10.6 infrared laser) and neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser (Nd:YAG), 1.06 (wavelength infrared laser), incision, condensation for two kinds of laser, which can be used for a variety of endoscopic endoscopic treatment.
Laser has been widely used in medicine, and it is widely used in clinical practice. Because of the special nature of the laser, the use of high power, the human body has certain harm, it is necessary to focus on the use of laser surgical instruments safety measures.
One of the most common hazards of laser surgery and safety systems laser scalpel is eye and skin damage. Electric shock, harmful substances attack, burning and blasting, X-ray attack and noise, in order to avoid these incidents attack, it is necessary to use the safe operation to establish security system. Safety system: in the security system, the closed ring reaction seems useful, that end information gathering, system analysis, and formulate and implement measures. Security system includes: information gathering, analysis, trouble nature system, to research and implementation. Security system specifications can be divided into skills, management and human factors.
Two, the use of laser knife attention matters in the use of laser attention matters usually pay attention to matters, and special attention to the two.
1 handling methods
(1) the medical part of the custody of laser surgery equipment, the selection of personnel handling, deputy, the 1.
(2) the handling personnel shall be responsible for the laser processing area and laser storage and handling.
(3) the use of laser knife is necessary to listen to the views of management personnel.
(4) the personnel shall draw up a roster for the use of personnel and keep them properly.
(5) handle the personnel assigned to the laser, and carry out the teaching of the fundamental and skills.
(6) the use of personnel is necessary through strict training, and a full understanding of the laser, grasp the use of laser knives, safety management and risk avoidance.
2 management area
(1) the district shall be selected by the operator and shall be marked with the symbol of the management area.
(2) apply for a warning sign in a conspicuous place, use the laser designation and handle the matters needing attention.
(3) the personnel who enter the small processing area must be approved by the manager, and carefully listen to the manager for handling the matters needing attention in the area and the maintenance methods.
(4) before and after entering the area of personnel should be visual examination, visual acuity should pay attention to the weakening. Management of equipment and supplies:
The manager shall clarify the equipment and the installation according to the equipment.
Laser equipment and safety management requirements of equipment and goods, as the manager.
In accordance with the use of the instructions for maintenance. Check regularly and record the results.
The use of a written record:
Principle of laser operation.
Effect of laser on human body.
Protection of skin and eyes.
Patient safety measures.
The use of personnel and other security personnel.
To avoid surgical instruments, machines and other measures of reflection. Other necessary safety measures:
Should pay attention to high voltage electric shock treatment (resuscitation).
Preparation and application of equipment.
Equipment shutdown process.
The operation function of bad attack equipment fault, using the limit rules.
The maintenance and check the size of the rules.
3 laser surgery and safe handling of laser in addition to the eyes and skin damage effect, but also lead to other complications, such as reflective burns, such as fault shine. Note when laser surgery should be used as the main courses of operation room nurses and surgeons, other relevant personnel of teaching (note has above). Laser safety management in operation room:
(1) operation room safety management organization.
(2) teaching of doctors and nurses.
(3) the establishment of laser processing area.
(4) symbol in laser application.
(5) to ensure the safety of patients, surgeons, nurses and trainees.
Three, laser surgery matters needing attention
1 wear laser protective glasses.
2 to avoid accidental injury, skin and airway maintenance.
3 operator and machine operation.
4 do not use flammable substances (nylon cover, anesthetic gas).
5 use of anti reflection devices (black gold plated (chrome) instruments).
Four, laser surgery of the construction and equipment of laser knife usually use high power laser, it is necessary to have a high voltage power supply, electric power equipment cooling water supply equipment and safety equipment operation room and subordinate.
1 laser operation room operation room should have all kinds of laser equipment, suitable for all kinds of surgery. With the development of laser surgery, even if an operation, it is not possible to use a laser ideal laser surgery, sometimes the need for 2 to 3 laser combination, or combined with traditional surgery. Laser operation room should be wide, about 12 ~ 20m2, and ordinary operation room adjacent, and some can establish specialized laser surgery room. For use with other laser surgery. The laser operation room consists of the equipment room, the device room, various measuring instruments, laser surgery equipment, and the laser processing area.
2 laser surgery equipment power laser surgery equipment (laser knife) it is necessary to use high voltage power supply. Typically, carbon dioxide (CO2) laser surgical equipment (power 60W) with 100V, 40A, when using 200V, 20A. Nd:YAG laser equipment (power 100W) with three-phase power supply, 220V, 40A. Operation room, power should be used non ground type power supply two insulated transformer, can avoid the shock.
3 laser processing area laser
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