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Wear laser protective glasses stereo feeling?

3D glasses manufacturing methods laser protective glasses sales staff to teach you to wear 3D glasses to watch movies to give people a strong sense of three-dimensional. So 3D glasses manufacturing method is also very simple below the laser protective glasses by the sales staff to teach you how to make 3D glasses.
Look at the following things:
A pair of old glasses, pens, scissors, transparent plastic paper / process: many a, 3D glasses type, here we only briefly introduced the red and blue color 3D glasses used.
Two, the first two lenses of old glasses removed, placed in transparent plastic paper, pen outline lens summary (two).
Three, then use the red and blue pen will outline the general coating, wait for dry instantly. (left eye right eye with red, blue)
Four, if that dried after the uniform color, cut them down, and then put the frame, so well. (if a head mirror needs myopia lens can perhaps painted directly on the lens) then the above is 3D glasses manufacturing method. Expect laser protective glasses for you to sell the content can help you. Thank you for reading!





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