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How important it is for your laser goggles

     Believe the laser protective goggles is known to all, the applicable scope of great for our eyes, played a very good protection effect, so let more people to know that our laser protective goggles, can get of consumer recognition, the laser protective goggles are applicable people: laser operation personnel, computer operator, pilot, gas welder, electric welder, high temperature furnace operator, medical or industrial personnel work, here small make up take you to choose suitable laser protective goggles.
     There are various types of laser goggles, different materials, different principles, and different applications. Therefore, to provide effective protection against laser, it is necessary to make reasonable selection of laser goggles according to the specific use requirement. Choosing goggles, first of all, according to the maximum output power of the laser used (or energy), beam diameter, pulse time determine parameters such as laser output maximum irradiance or maximum exposure. Then, according to the corresponding wavelength and irradiation time of the maximum allowable exposure exposure limit (eye) determine minimum optical density value for the glasses, and on the basis of selecting appropriate protective goggles.
     The specific conditions of choice are:
     Maximum irradiation dose of Hmax (J/m2) or maximum irradiance Emax (W/m2);
     Specific protective wavelengths;
     Minimum optical density value of Dmin at the corresponding protection wavelength;
     The non-uniformity, asymmetry and Angle effect of the protective lens, etc.
     The ability to resist laser radiation;
     6, visible light transmittance;
     Structure and shape. Laser goggles, laser goggles, laser glasses, laser protection, protective glasses we only have a pair of eyes, please protect! Laser standard and classification of the us laser safety standard ANSI Z136.1 ANSI Z136.1 standard: measured by light Density (OD, Optical Density). The logical relation between the light density OD and the transmittance of the ratio T: D = -log10 T. European laser safety standard EN207 / EN208EN207 / EN208: consider the light density OD, and also consider the damage threshold (power/energy density over time).
     Laser protective goggles is suitable for the ultraviolet laser and excimer laser, neodymium glass laser, semiconductor laser, CO laser, neodymium-doped garnet, ruby laser, CO2 laser, gallium arsenide laser and other laser protection, made a very good protection for your eyes, let the people to the work in contact with when using our laser protective goggles to recognition of our products. Good products are desirable, so our products are trustworthy.
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