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Can children do laser myopia surgery

Myopia has become the prevalence of this era, and even some babies will wear glasses. But with the development of science and technology, myopia can be laser treatment. Today, Laser safety goggle staff to tell you about the minors in the end can do laser treatment of myopia surgery? Then we look at it together.
    Every year after the summer and summer vacation, after the entrance or conscription began, surgical correction of myopia will set off the peak, many hospitals appeared in the youth line up to do myopia surgery busy scene, Zhengzhou Purui Eye Hospital is also ready to meet the arrival of the peak. Ophthalmology experts advise: young people should be at least 18 years old, to be stable after myopia and then accept myopia surgery.
    Essential point: young menopian surgery is easy to return to Zhengzhou Purui Eye Hospital refractive center Cai Wenquan director, under the age of 18 young people due to eye development is not stereotypes, prone to postoperative myopia back phenomenon, coupled with the eye is still changing , Early intervention in surgery may have adverse effects.
    Point two: pre-injury after surgery to avoid early protection According to reports, some students do not pay attention to personal care after surgery, easy to relax prematurely. Some students took the goggles off the street the same day, or participate in some groups that are prone to collisions. Experts advise, within one month after myopia surgery, should be careful not to swim, to avoid violent activities to avoid impact to the eye. The experts found that some students did not strictly follow the doctor's instructions after surgery, often forget the eye drops, which affected the recovery after surgery, which still need special attention.
    Above is the Laser safety glasses for everyone to bring about the minors in the end can do laser treatment of myopia surgery introduced the contents of the.
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