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Laser correction vision principle

Now a lot of children vision problems are particularly concerned about the parents of the problem, so the Laser safety glasses of vision is now very popular medical, then the following laser protection mirror staff to tell you about its principles. Our eyes are in front of a layer of transparent film, anatomy called the cornea. Corneal curvature is too large, or the patient's axial length, it will cause myopia. The cornea and air contact, the refractive index is very high, so a slight change in the cornea can correct myopia, excimer laser is by changing the curvature of the corneal surface, to change the effect of corneal refractive power, so that light can gather in the retina Macular, to achieve the effect of correction of myopia, which is the basic principle of corneal refractive surgery.
    What is an excimer laser? An excimer laser is a laser produced by a stimulated dimer. Called the excimer, is that it is not a stable molecule, in the laser mixed gas by the excitation of external energy caused by a series of physical and chemical reactions have been formed but the fleeting molecules, life is only tens of nanoseconds. Quasi-minute laser is a gas pulse laser, the resulting wavelength of 193nm excimer laser, it is a super-ultraviolet light, the wavelength of the laser absorption range is narrow, the laser energy is almost completely absorbed by corneal epithelial cells and matrix, More than this range of tissue will not absorb the laser, each laser pulse can cut 0.2 to 0.25um thickness of the biological tissue, so the surrounding tissue will not damage.
    Second, what is the operation of the site? Do laser myopia surgery, said the excimer laser in situ keratomileusis. There are five layers of cornea, excimer laser in the middle of the cornea layer (the thickest) to do a curvature of the morphological changes. Excimer laser does not penetrate, but it can break the chemical key of the object, after the interruption of the organization on the gasification, the use of this principle, the application of excimer laser to change the shape of the cornea. Plainly, surgery is the degree of glasses to do your eyes, equal to do a small lens in your eyes, to achieve the purpose of correcting vision.
    Third, what are the requirements of surgery on patients? Myopia correction, our most common method is the framework of glasses, contact lenses and excimer laser refractive surgery. Myopia patients, from children to the elderly, the scope of coverage is very wide. Before graduating from high school, the framework of glasses is the best choice for correction of myopia. Because of high school graduation, students with the development of the body, eye development changes are relatively large, due to the need for close to a large number of eyes, hard study, myopia patients refractive status is not stable, not suitable for myopia surgery, Frame glasses. After 18 years of age, physical development gradually slow, learning tasks to reduce the refractive status gradually stable, you can consider doing excimer laser refractive surgery. In clinical practice, the range of refractive surgery is 18 years old and 50 years old. To 50 years of age, due to the impact of old eyebrows, even if the refractive surgery, but also fail to completely remove the eyes of the purpose, generally do not do myopia refractive surgery. Refractive surgery requires patients with healthy eyes, surgery to achieve the purpose of improving vision. If the patient itself has eye diseases, such as cataracts, keratitis, glaucoma, keratoconus, retinal detachment and other lesions, it is not suitable for refractive surgery.
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