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Laser glasses you have to understand

If you don't pay attention, it is very easy to form a certain degree of damage to our eyes. So, how to accurately use laser protective glasses?
1 way: if it is placed a temporary placement of glasses, please upward convex glasses, if the convex placed down eyes, will wear a flower lens.
The 2 lens cleaning method: use special lens cleaning cloth, attention must use hand wipe wire side of the frame side, gently scrub the lens. To prevent excessive force to form the frame or lens damage.
The 3 lens sticky dust or dirt: dry rub simple grinding lenses, advocate scouring water with a paper towel blot moisture with special glasses cloth, glasses dirty advocate the use of low concentrations of neutral detergent, then wash with water to dry.
4 please use glasses box: do not wear glasses, please use the cloth into glasses glasses box. Please keep to prevent contact with insect repellent, toilet products, cosmetics, hair gel, medicine and other corrosive substances, or will cause the deterioration of lenses, frames, and color transformation.
5 glasses: deformation of frame deformation will give the nose or ears forming shoulder, simple lenses are also loose. Advocate regularly to the professional plastic adjustment.
In addition, the prohibition of intense exercise when the allocation of glasses, glasses do not look directly at the sun, but can not put the glasses on the high temperature (60 degrees Celsius) for a long time to place. The labor here reminds us that we are purchasing of laser protective glasses is to protect our eyes from outside influence damage, so we must use the time in the protection from glasses.
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