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Laser protective glasses should pay attention to what

These days we needle for laser application has achieved good proper height for us today is day development cannot do without the use of the material to the laser light source is used, we can find out days because the laser effect can supply unlimited changes to a great extent for our days. But in our view of laser protective glasses today most people actually in the process of using these diversified laser equipment failure of laser damage on the human body, even if you know the laser use is very simple and convenient, but we constitute damage is absorbed and can not be recovered, can cause blindness serious.
There are many types of laser protective glasses, the materials used are different, the principle is different, and the use of the opposite. Therefore, in order to supply the laser invalid protection, must be in accordance with the use of laser protective goggles must continue to make a reasonable choice. Choose the door mirror, the maximum input power of the laser with primary basis (or energy), beam diameter, laser pulse time parameters to determine the maximum radiation input or the maximum amount of radiation. Then, the maximum allowable amount of radiation at the corresponding time span and shine (shine eye limit) to determine the mirror the minimum optical density value, and then select the appropriate protective glasses. The details of the trade-offs are:
1, the maximum radiation Hmax (J/m2) or maximum radiation Emax (W/m2);
2, certain protective span;
In 3, the optical density value of Dmin to the corresponding protection span;
4, the protection of the lens asymmetry, asymmetry, the concept of the effect of the incident light, etc.;
5, anti laser radiation power;
6, visible light transmittance;
7, structure and shape.
With the features of laser damage are ignored in many use the same type of equipment and materials in the process, and more important is our day has not been the lack of a variety of laser protective equipment, but we do not know how to use laser protection, as long as the laser has not recovered Shanghai time irreversible to know the use of laser protective equipment, have to say is how sad thing. Laser protective glasses hope that we can have a clear understanding of the laser, the laser is very useful and practical, but can not be lost on the prevention of laser.
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