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Understanding laser limitations

The appearance of many kinds of materials is becoming more and more important in our days. For us, the most important thing is that we have to deal with all kinds of problems. In the special and secret of our laser day in all aspects of performance, especially in our laser protective glasses seems to recognize the laser in practice most people have no real understanding clear, clear limitations of laser with different characteristics and. Laser protective glasses found that we practice because of the emergence of the laser has been blind, and even ignore their own characteristics.
Eyes are the most sensitive organs of the human body. Because of the characteristics of laser, the energy in space and time on set height. Because of the aggregation effect of the eye lens, the laser energy (power) is more than 100 thousand times higher than that of the corresponding cornea. Laser monochromatic good, small color difference in the fundus. Because pulse laser injury is much faster than the blink reflex (eye blink reflex time is usually 150-250ms, and the laser pulse can be as short as 10-6s and 10-12 S). Plus in a very short moment, in a very small area, gathering energy release, so even if the laser low dose can cause severe damage on the cornea or retina. And the damage to the human eye laser is a heap of, the beginning is not significant, when it is too late to find yourself.
The use of laser and special features in our life has incomparable importance, but also because we cannot practice on laser do not know do not know and trust blindly laser, laser brings us the day day is very quick to strong, but the same laser damage and loss to us more serious, we should clearly recognize the clear dangers and limitations of laser.




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