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Beautiful research and development goes out with composite m

 Development of business of contract of beautiful national defence goes with yttric aluminous garnet (the Laser safety goggle amplifier that end of YAG) accept ground rice is raw material, have the character of quality of low cost, tall beam of light, and can rapid be at war with the target. Company of Ji Ma spy uses the contract trade of lab of air force research this technology, developed small measure sample for American army, got governmental finance supports. Another contract business expresses to hope to use this technology on the parts of an apparatus of larger scale, dan Jima is special the company does not have the sth used to one's own advantage that achieves relevant goal. Because army cannot have investment to relevant project, beautiful air man innovates through small company / the technology is changed (SBIR/STTR) plan, invested 750 thousand dollar to relevant project. “ department of defense is right the much brilliant YAG that is used at Laser safety goggle began a large number of research, hopkins weighs the engineer of project of ” air force that the achievement of company of Ji Ma spy is success will come when conditions are ripe, “ adopts this technique, department of national defence industry can innovate Laser safety goggle design. ” is current, company of Ji Ma spy and business of contract of another national defence had begun to develop and produce relevant equipment, use at make and controlling raw material of accept rice course, ensure the product can achieve needs tall purity. “ is continueing to develop build must product line, and relevant control and feedback system while, we hope company of Ji Ma spy still can have corresponding aptitude and engineering capability, ensure the dependability of the product, purity and consistency, and the Laser safety goggle that scale of production can satisfy the department of defense develops demand ” .
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