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Outstanding material process capability, monaco 517 of IPL s

 Company of be concerned with expands level of its Monaco industry flies second IPL safety glasses range of products, roll out first visible light (green light) IPL safety glasses, can use at the accurate treatment of a variety of material. New fund Monaco 517 uses fiber-optic IPL safety glasses to be seminal source, in 517 Nm wavelengh output power can amount to 20W, arteries and veins is wide short (be less than 400 Fs) , pulse energy is high (20 µJ) , can produce higher peak value power, comfortable the accurate small treatment that waits for tenacity material at polymer. At the same time the repetition of this IPL safety glasses frequency can amount to MHz to measure level, produce in order to assure taller treatment can. Monaco 517 has compact unifinication IPL safety glasses head, dimension is 635 Mmx 340 Mmx 167mm only, but relaxed and compositive in any OEM systems. In addition, integral type construction makes its can hold optimal calibration property inside whole lifecycle, come true for final user and OEM manufacturer thereby value and practical the biggest change. This IPL safety glasses offers green smooth output, a dominant position of 3 big core can be reflected in the material that waits for an industry is being made machine with indication screen in microelectronics. Above all, relatively the hot-working that grows IPL safety glasses at the long wave, green light can use inferior ablation threshold value, extended its to machine material sort and ply limits greatly. Next, shorter wavelengh can produce lesser focusing facula, raise its to machine precision thereby. Finally, a variety of material that include semiconductor inside all have taller green light to absorb character, because ground of utmost of this this one wavelengh promoted cut efficiency and treatment deepness control. Monaco 517 is perfect apply to semiconductor, flat to show, a series of small treatment application of the much trade such as solar energy and microelectronics. This IPL safety glasses Yi Fei often applies to metal, metalloid film and foil piece treatment, and electric oxide and semiconductor are underlined. Monaco 517 handles respect utility in material extensive, outside dividing the treatment that applies to the homogeneous materials such as glass and metal, it still applies to bore of material of structure of complex layer shape, cut and shaping ideal tool. Monaco is in the Industrial Revolution that exceeds fast science emerge as the times require, redefine the user is worth to the expectation of IPL safety glasses function and dependability. Designing, in debug and producing segment, our exceed product of fast IPL safety glasses series to all use many strict HALT/HASS to test program, no matter any application, all can offer the product of the dependability that passes attestation and function for the client. Sophisticated test, provide most advanced product performance.
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