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Fire optical science and technology releases sheet cling to

  China, xi'an, on January 12, 2017 - Inc. of Xi'an fire optical science and technology rolls out sheet cling to 50W (CW) Suo Bo grows module of Laser safety glasses of fiber-optic coupling semiconductor. This product is based on FocusFiber of fire optical science and technology®Platform of technology of S series product, use body Prague grating (VBG) outside lock of wavelengh of implementation of antrum feedback technology is decided, central wavelengh limits is controallable in ±0.5nm, spectral width FWHM≤0.5nm, spectral efficiency ≥90% , optional wavelengh has the product 793nm, 880nm, 976nm and 981nm.        This product applies to solid Laser safety glasses the application such as pump riverside, scientific research and life science. The dimension of bigger core diameter that in the light of solid Laser safety glasses pump riverside asks (400um/600um/800um) and good facula uniformity, through optimized big facula light road design and divide evenly change a design, can make sure this product light energy is evener on area of whole core diameter distributing, achieve taller pump riverside efficiency finally, it is the ideal of pump riverside source chooses solid Laser safety glasses.
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