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The first use of laser glasses

The use of data in the day of diversity is now becoming more and more visible, and we should also be able to see in the day the diversity and necessity of the use of these materials. In our laser protective glasses looks like we use of laser material and the enthusiasm of the worship must be very serious, but we even in the use of laser, but really to know the exact laser now? Application of laser material in our life has incomparable important, but we are always no laser recognize the truth clear, this appears to be a risk in the case of our laser protective glasses.
The degree of laser damage to the eyes is not only related to the different wavelength of the laser, but also to the total light energy, energy density and power density. In the type of laser, when the laser power density of visible or near infrared is very low, it will not cause acute damage to the eyes. The primary reason is because the laser power density is low, though the arrangements under the retinal laser photon energy gradually becomes hot, but the heat through molecular vibration to heat to the surrounding arrangement, and then spread to the eyes of the outside; microvessel and on the other hand can be covered with heat to the omentum in underlying choroidal microvascular, follow in the blood circulation and then distributed to the eye to. Therefore, the whole eye retina to temperature significantly add, or slightly change in scope is still tepid, completely harmless to the eyes. Retinal damage depends on the power and time, such as when the visible or near infrared laser power density were added, the heat induced retinal tired faster than the heat dissipation rate, or power density is not very high, but the retinal absorption time is too long, the retina under photon flow parts of the temperature will add more exposure time long, add more temperature, adding more temperature than normal temperature, eye 10 degrees, will lead to retinal damage.
The primary and practical laser has always been the primary protection of our days, but also the source of our days forward and diversification. In the days we always cannot lack of a variety of diverse data use, science and technology is the first productivity. We should be active in the day to find that the damage caused by the improper use of the laser material. Attach importance to the protection of their own is also very important!



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